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Broadtek can give your business the tools it needs to engage clients and the consumers of your products and services unlike any other technology company in the industry.



Broadtek offers a wide-range of technology services to meet our customer needs. We partner with the leading vendors to bring our clients the best solutions.


Businesses continue to depend upon stable interconnectivity. Broadtek designs and implements reliable network solutions to help increase your productivity.



Business is transforming as a result of the revolution in connectivity. Broadtek provides reliable cloud solutions with cost-effective and scalable hosted services.



The increase in bandwidth requirements drives businesses to re-evaluate their current voice and data services. Broadtek partners with over 40 carriers to research and deliver appropriate connectivity options for our clients.



Broadtek's collaboration solutions include a unified platform for voice, video and IM. We can design a solution to help accomplish your business objectives.



We provide security solutions that adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape. This proactive response assures that critical data is shielded from exploits.



Companies still rely on hardware and applications to facilitate tasks. Broadtek installs practical systems, provides software licensing along with support options.



Today's businesses require efficient and scalable core technology operations. Virtualization provides for consolidation of the physical infrastructure giving IT environments reduced total cost of ownership.



We have a variety of managed service offerings to keep your company secure. This allows you to focus on running your business, not your technology.


Broadtek has been our partner through substantial growth over the last few years. Their advice and expertise has helped to ease the growing pains and achieve our IT goals.

LARRY WAGNERIT Director, Community Counseling Center


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Broadtek has always been a great company to do business with and their technical staff is second to none. We have used their expertise on several projects over the years, but the one that stands out recently is our conversion to virtual. Their staff knew exactly what was needed and made the process seem easy.

SKIPPER COWANIT Manager, The Bank of New Madrid


Windows 10
Windows 10

Free Windows 10 Upgrade – Until July 29th, 2016

(And how it does more than just securing your information)

Many of you may be aware that Microsoft is offering free upgrades from Windows 7, 8, & 8.1 on supported machines to Windows 10. However, this free upgrade offer lasts only until July 29, 2016.

The standard operating system for the large majority of our commercial customers is Windows 7 Pro. Microsoft's official end of sale for Windows 7 Pro is the end of October 2016. Thus new PCs purchased after that date will have Windows 10 installed. Microsoft's free upgrade offer for existing Windows 7 Pro (and 8 and 8.1) is an excellent opportunity to get a head start on bringing your installed base of PCs to what will be the next business standard opeating system, Windows 10. Broadtek has installed a sizeable number of Windows 10 systems and upgraded many Windows 7 machines. We are using Windows 10 ourselves and find that it performs well, has excellent compatibility with existing applications, broad printer support, and most importantly is very stable. Regarding performance, it actually requires fewer system resources than Windows 7, and many users find that existing systems perform better on Windows 10 at the same level of memory and processor of a Windows 7 machine.

Click here to upgrade your systems directly from Microsoft. The application is straightforward and we've seen very few problems although some interaction is required per machine that will require your attention during the upgrade process. At Broadtek, we've developed our own process for upgrading a quantity of systems and offer this service to our customers at a low flat rate cost per machine which includes sorting out any problems that might occur during the process.

In our opinion, the Windows 7 end of sale combined with the robust performance and stability of Windows 10 makes a strong case to move to the next Windows standard. Whether you do this on your own or take advantage of our services to assist, we encourage you to make this move before the upcoming deadline. To learn the details of our upgrade services, please contact your Broadtek account representative soon.
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Email Phishing, Spear Phishing

Broadtek Fights Email Phishing & Spear Phishing

Recently, the FFIEC issued a warning to financial institutions of an increased threat of cyber-attacks wherein ransomware is installed on networks in effort to extort ransom from the institutions. Broadtek has identified and cleaned several of these ransomware cyber-attacks which began with a spear phishing email to upper level executives in various sectors. Email Phishing continues to be a commonly used method of attack in most sectors. The Symantec Intelligence Report September 2015 indicated that Finance, Insurance & Real Estate sector made up 27% of the targeted attacks where systems were comprised using spear-phishing. Most targeted organizations had fewer than 250 employees. Spear Phishing is a method of targeting individuals within an organization to obtain personally identifiable information by sending an email that appears to be from a legitimate company.  Spear Phishing emails commonly use one of two types of attack:
  1. The email will contain a link to a website that appears to be an official website. Once the email recipient logs in to the rogue website, the hacker as possession of any personal information typed at the site such as user identification, passwords, and any other information requested.
  2. The email will include an attachment which installs malware to the workstation and network when the attachment is opened.
Spear phishing is an ongoing problem for organizations in all sectors. Email phishing and spear phishing attempts are only successful if the email recipient participates by following a link or opening the attachment file.  The most effective method of protecting against being compromised by a spear phishing attempt is training and education. Conduct regular employee training in your organization, including executive level employees, so they know how to deal with email phishing and spear phishing attacks. Executives are frequently targeted on these attacks because executives have a higher level of access. A few quick tips to implement today to avoid falling victim to email phishing and spear phishing attempts:
  • Do not open emails from unsolicited sources. Delete them immediately.
  • Check link destinations with mouse over.  Verify the URL that should appear in the bottom left corner of your browser.
  • Do not automatically follow warnings and requests within emails.  Call the normal business phone number of the apparent email sender to verify email contents.
Broadtek has partnered with companies specializing in IT security to offer security awareness training in-person, live webcast or recorded webinar for your organization. Call today to schedule your next training session.
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The SolutionCisco Meraki MX Security Appliance

(And how it does more than just securing your information)

Cisco Meraki MX Unified Threat Management provides the full range of data security protection including firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-virus and anti-phishing, content filtering, safe-search enforcement, malware protection, IPsec VPN connectivity, and more. Plus all of this is included for one cost in a single and simple to understand advanced security license.

Meraki MX will automatically detect and classify the devices attached to your network including notebook computers, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. You can easily set policies to control access by these devices such as making sure they don’t introduce viruses or vulnerabilities to your network.

Internet content filtering assures that you’re in charge of your company’s Internet resources. You can restrict or report on inappropriate use. A simple interface lets you set rules for the entire network, groups or individual users as you see fit.

Meraki MX lets your provide your customers or guest access to the Internet over your wireless network while keeping them safely segregated from your systems. You can limit how much bandwidth access you give guest machines as well as prevent them from accessing objectionable websites.

Maintaining and managing competing systems to the Meraki MX brings to mind words like difficult, complex, or highly technical. Take one look at Meraki’s cloud based management dashboard and you’ll think of words like simple, intuitive, or instinctive.

Contact Broadtek today to learn how you can enjoy the peace of mind that Cisco Meraki security brings to your organization.


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Cisco, Meraki,

The Problem Securing your business and personal information

(And why it’s a bigger problem than you make think)

One of the most prevalent and malicious threats to your information is non-targeted malware. The breadth of these attacks is staggering. Symantec reports there were more than 317 million new pieces of malware created last year, meaning nearly one million new threats were released into the wild each day. Simply opening an email and clicking what appears to be a legitimate link may infect your systems with malware. Malware attacks may hijack your system for spammers without your knowledge, steal your customer information, and obtain passwords and account information.

While most malware and viruses are not targeted to any specific organization or business, targeted attacks use a range of tools and exploits to hit a specific organization. You may think these targeted attacks are aimed only at very large organizations, particularly when one of these makes the national news. However, fully 60% of targeted attacks last year struck small and medium sized organizations.

Today you have to look beyond your computer as well. With Internet and/or wireless connected devices such as Smartphones, tablets and iPads, printers, credit card readers, etc., it takes more than a simple PC based anti-virus to protect and secure your valuable information.


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